What We Do

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On-line Inventory Management

Q2M, a division of NetLook, Inc., is a comprehensive on-line inventory management lot service. The Q2M Service is uniquely designed to help dealers achieve the highest possible ‘on-line’ inventory percentage while keeping dealer management informed as to the status of their ever changing inventories.

Inventory numbers change daily, and new issues arise daily as vehicles are taken in via trade or purchased at auction and delivered to the lot. As we are on site Monday through Friday photographing and monitoring the flow of vehicles, we can process units the day they arrive on lot, or the day they clear recon.

If there is a reason we cannot process a unit, we will communicate to management the status of each vehicle and why it was not serviced. As a part of our On-line Inventory Management, we have specific processes and practices in place to increase the level of communication between our Field Service Reps and your Managers.


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