Sales Tools

Be-Back Brochure

The Be-Back Brochure is a powerful sales tool designed to market a vehicle to the modern consumer that is constantly on the move. This one-page color handout contains photos, QR codes, vehicle information and price options. There are four preformatted versions available and the Q2M Be-Back Brochure is printable on demand from your ILM. It is included as part of our platform and you may print unlimited brochures.

Custom Comment Builder

Custom Comment Builder is a tool that is used to automatically add custom comments, temporary comments, or default comments to an individual vehicle or your entire inventory instantaneously. It is rule based so you can set the parameters to generate the comments for you or add your own “custom” comment!


Highly effective photo marketing tools that allow you to directly engage the consumer and ensure your vehicles stand out from the competition. Make your vehicles standout and “pop” on 3rd Party listing sites. Display your dealership name, website, phone number and additional branding. You can also highlight to consumers which vehicles are CARFAX 1-Owner with “real-time” integration as well as showcase your CPO vehicles. Our in-house graphic artist will assist you in creation of your overlays at no additional charge!


Placards are a great way to highlight specific areas of your dealership such as Service, Sales or Accessory Shop. Our custom Placards may be placed within the photo set of each of your vehicle and may be arranged in order of your choosing on a per vehicle basis. Additionally, you can use a Placard as a “Coming Soon” place holder for photos the minute a vehicle is input into the Q2M platform. We will also apply rules to withhold sending placards to 3rd party sites that do not accept placards. Our in-house graphic artist will assist you in creation of your Placards at no additional charge!



Go2VDP is the quickest way to get a prospective customer to your dealer’s native Vehicle Detail Page, with no third party interference and is included for all of Q2M customers!

Go2VDP technology provides the ability for a customer searching for a vehicle to be transferred straight to your dealer’s VDP from a listing site by using direct link technology. Go2VDP has eliminated redirect links, which are often used by other VDP services. Redirect links can be detrimental to dealers because they often degrade your website’s SEO, charge you for each viewer that is directed to your VDP, and record the click history of redirections to your inventory to use in market intelligence reports that ultimately help your competitors compete against you. By eliminating the third party interference, your dealer’s website now gains the SEO benefits.