5 Day Q2M Service

Comprehensive On-line Inventory Management

  • 5-day a week Service– Monday Through Friday
  • Daily Check in / Check out
  • Physical Lot Walk
  • Daily Not Retail Ready Report
  • Daily Q2M Inventory Health Report
  • Monthly Manager Meeting

Professional Photography Service

  • Professional Field Service Reps
  • Pre Recon / Short Shooting
  • Retail Shooting
  • Light Box and Photo Booth Shooting Accommodated.

Exterior Window Sticker & Buyers Guide

  • Printed and applied by our FSR at time of retail photo shoot.
  • Smart Phone readable QR Codes link to VDP or marketing data.
  • CARFAX window sticker highlights available
  • Unit Specific Reviews and Awards data on sticker.

VideoTell – Live Motion Video Tour

  • Live video exterior and Interior tour
  • Dealer branded bump in / out
  • Text to speech or background music
  • Custom video overlays
  • Dealership YouTube Channel, SEO and Optimized Video
  • Unlimited feeds

Digital Backgrounds

  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Enhanced Branding
  • Accommodates overlays
  • Give the impression of showroom

NetLook Back End Tools and Services

  • Superior Customer Support
  • Full ILM (inventory listing manager)
  • Full Data aggregation and unlimited feeds
  • Rules based Comment Builder-custom or auto generated comments
  • Printable Be Back brochures with photos
  • Smart Overlays
  • Custom Placards you can position within the photo set